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Monday June 4, 2007
Today was the big day for delivery to UC Davis. Jenn and her parents took a carload down there. The children’s ward floor especially needed lip balms and sippy cups. The air is dry inside and the kids, especially the ones on oxygen or pre/post surgery love the scented lip balms. We dropped off over 200 with Disney, Thomas the Train and Sponge Bob designs. The nurses were so thankful. The babies get bottles and the big kids get plastic cups, but the toddlers will appreciate the 70 plus sippy cups we brought them today. We picked out assorted designs: solid colors, Disney Princess, special handles for the young ones, Thomas the Train, etc. It is much easier for those toddlers who are often hooked up to an IV pole to be able to bring a sippy cup along for their day. We also added to their movie collection bringing over 30 movies, mostly Sesame Street, Veggie Tales, Disney, Baby Einstein, etc. Jenn brought a couple bags of toys, mostly things that could be used from the crib or could attach to the crib and one large exersaucer. It was emotional to see those who had helped us along the way, and they were impressed with the show of support.

Our next stop was the waiting room for the CAT scans and ultrasounds. We delivered magazines, a load of children’s books and a box of bubbles (to distract the kids during procedures). Steven had many appointments there and besides watching TV there was little to do. When we dropped things off, there were families who immediately picked up the books to read to their children. We hope to bring more books and magazines each time we go to UC Davis to replenish their supply.

The last stop was the UC Davis infusion room. The previous week the head nurse Nancy had picked up some children’s toys from our house and a swing. Today Jenn was able to see the swing set up and dropped off a basket full of toys for Steven’s age. She ran out of space in her car so will have to go back another day.

Thanks to everyone who helped, it will benefit many children and families at UC Davis. We know first hand how meaningful these items are during difficult times. Luckily, we still have a considerable amount of donations left from Steven's party and Jenn's planning several subsequent shopping trips. She did a quick inventory today so she has a good idea of what else to buy. 

Monday July 30, 2007
The second big drop off of stuff to UC Davis, and the Infusion room. Some magazines, DVD's, tons of markers, glue sticks, glue bottles, coloring pencils, crayons, a couple of games, and a couple of kick and drives for infants who can't walk yet.

And there's still more to go.

Thursday September 20, 2007
Another drop off of toys, books, and DVDs to UC Davis, and the Infusion room.

Thursday October 11th

Today, thanks to the tremendous generosity of friends and family, Steven's Bench was installed at Cohn Park, just outside Oak Chan, our local elementary school. The money provided for Steven's Bench was so generous from so many people that not only were we able to get a bench, but a picnic table too. Thus far the bench has been installed. The location we chose for the picnic table has soil that's "too hard to dig," so we're looking into getting a backhoe or selecting another location. Anyway, here's the bench, please go see it if you get the chance.

Monday October 15th

Jenn took another set of toys, and a bunch of Halloween costumes for the kids at UCD.


Saturday November 10th

The Picnic Table had been installed a couple of days ago, so we went to see it. The location is wonderful, right next to a children's park less than a quarter mile from our house. Thank you to everyone for your generous donations enabling us to get both a bench installed at Cohn Park, and also a picnic table at Keller Park.


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