Roland's 2001 Klein Adept Upgrades

I bought my 2001 Klein Adept Comp in April of 2002, with the intent of buying it pretty much for just the frame and rear shock. I already had a Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo which had served me well for five years, however, after an uncountable number of times over the handle bars and perhaps an even larger number of upgrades and replacements it was time to get a new frame, this time the right size. As I believed, and still believe, it was the fact that my frame was too small which resulted in me being tossed over the handle bars so many times. So out with my 16.5" Hoo Koo E Koo, and in with the 19.3" (Large) Adept.
Although Klein for whatever reason seems to claim the bike comes as 27.3 lbs, in actual fact the size large, with the pedals that they supply, weighs 28.8 lbs. Since then I've switched over parts from my HKEK, and upgraded a number of others. Except from the Frame, Rear Shock, Seat Post, Stem, BB, and Front Crank everything has been replaced. The following table shows each of the original parts that have been replaced, the replacement part, and the weights, as measured by me. The second table shows the original parts with weights as known. After all the upgrades, and with bar ends, a computer, and lizard skins added, it's down to 26.7 lbs with lights!

Replaced Parts

Part Original Adept Weight New Component Weight
Seat Bontrager FS2000 Cro-Mo 380 Nashbar 335
Pedals Shimano M515 500 Wellgo MG-18 Ti 280
Reflectors Front, Rear, 2 Wheels 100 None  
Rear Wheel Rolf Satellite 1130 Sun Sub IV, XT Hub 1020
Cassette SRAM 7.0 12.32 310 Shimano XT 12-32 265
Rear Tube Cheng 1.5"-1.75" 110 Performance Lunarlite 75
Rear Tire Bontrager Revolt X 645 Performance Trailblaster 1.8" 440
Rear Skewer Rolf 65 Shimano XT 60
Front Wheel Rolf Satellite 835 Sun Sub IV, XT Hub 790
Front Tube Cheng 1.5"-1.75" 110 Performance Lunarlite 80
Front Tire Bontrager Revolt X 645 Performance Trailblaster 1.8" 435
Front Skewer Rolf 60 Shimano XT 55
Rear Derailleur Shimano LX 285 Shimano XT 245
Brakes Shimano 420 190 Shimano XTR 195
Brake Levers ProMax 180 None  
Shifters Shimano Deore 270 None  
Brake/Shifter Pod None   Shimano XT 410
Headset Aheadset STR 1760 King NoThreadset 125
Front Suspension Manitou SX Rock Shock Duke SL (8" steerer) 1590
Seat Post Clamp Simple 5mm Bolt 20 Salsa Flip Lock 45
Grips Bontrager Ergo 90 Answer 60
Bar Ends None   Generic 130
Computer None   Cateye Enduro 2 55
Chain Stay Guard None   Lizard Skins 15
Bottom Bracket Shimano BB-LP27 (Alvio) 365 Shimano ES 70 255
Crankset Bontrager Comp 760 Shimano XT M751 645
Chain Sram PC 59 270 Shimano XTR (300g/116 links) 106 links 274
Water Bottle Cage     Trek Red Cage 75
Rear Light Bracket     Cateye Tl 600 20
Front Light     20W wide beam 70

Remaining Original Parts

Part Original Adept Weight
Seat Post & Bolts Bontrager Sport 275
Front Derailleur Shimano LX 128
Handlebars Bontrager Cruiser 3610
Stem Bontrager Sport AHS
Frame, Rear Suspension, Cables Klein Adept Comp
Weights in blue are from the manufacturer website, weights in green are weights of superior parts on the manufacturers website. Weight in red is calculated from subtracting everything else from the total weight.

The Finished Deal

Well finished is always questionable, there's still the front derailleur to replace with an XTR isn't there! (Actually the picture was taken before the XT/R crankset/BB/chain upgrade) and it doesn't include my winter gear, i.e. the lights.

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