Sweetwater Trail Description

Location: 3.9 Miles north of El Dorado Hills on Salmon Falls Road

Technicality Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Effort Level: Intermediate

Trail Type: Out and Back

One way full trail length: 2.9 miles

Roland's best time: 1:10, pathetic in part because I got lost, and then got a flat.

Elevation Gain: Probably less than 200ft


This trail is single track the whole way, with lots of fast weaving narrow tree ducking trail. Extremely limited elevation gain, I'd guess less than 200ft for the whole trail, it's mostly level with some steep but very short uphills that you generally have to walk anyway because you can't get enough traction.

Points to note, there are some pretty rocky places, where you'll want to have hard tires or you'll get snake-bites (twin rim-induced puncutures) like I did on my first ride here this season. Also, at sunset this makes a difficult ride as the sun is at your side the whole ride, and it flickers through the trees making it sometimes impossible to see the trail.

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